Amnesia PartyLink Party 2014

Amnesia Closing 2014 was one epic party. The music was mostly techno and house, but once it got close to morning the DJ got a lot more creative and they were playing just about everything and anything. You could hear the most exotic music you could think of just being thrown out there and remixed.

The event had people like Butch, Joris Voorn, Joseph Capriati, Luciano, Caal Smile, Les Shmitz and a whole bunch more besides. The music went way into Sunday and it was extremely intense. There was an absolutely massive turn out here in Ibiza, and you’ll have a hard time finding a better time anywhere in Spain.

Things got started on October 4, 2014 but they obviously kept going way past that date. This is one of the best nightclubs around, and so they really try to close out the season in style and make something unique enough that you’ll have trouble finding it anywhere else. Although Ibiza isn’t the biggest of big clubs in Spain, they definitely make up for it in sheer volume and effort put into rocking out.

The club didn’t bother to enforce the closing time and they basically just let people keep rocking out until everyone is so tired they leave on their own accord to sleep it off. It was that huge. Everyone who went to the event can tell you that getting tickets early is an absolute must since there were so many people in the club, it was so packed that you probably could have walked from the back to the front just on people’s bodies.

Ibiza is known as a global club because they get music going from all over and the 4th was definitely no exception. You could hear huge names from all over, but all gathered into one place. It wasn’t just this event either, since closing parties from the event were bringing people back to the island by the thousands.

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